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CG Drive-SG

CG Drive-SG

Features of CG Drive - SG

Operation Specifications
Control method selection Sensorless vector Control (Also capable of operating as a closed-loop control system through optional encoder feedback)
Output frequency range 0 to 500Hz (upto 37kw)
Frequency Resolution Analog input Analog I/P resolution is 10bits i.e. (0.1V/0.2ma)
  Digital input Resolution of reference via interface is 0.01Hz
Analog Setting Method

Accepts and follow a selectable external speed reference from any of the following input types: analog (0-10 VDC, -10 to +10 VDC.0-20 mA or 4-20 Ma), speed potentionmeter, drive mounted keypad, serial communications, from an encoder, or from optional/communications interface options

V/Hz Characteristics Programmable & predefined V/f curves
Starting Characteristics 150% of FLT
Torque boost 0-100% In Case of Manual boost, Autoboost also available
Acceleration time setting 4 different acceleration rates – independently adjustable from 0.1 to 999.9 seconds
Deceleration time setting 4 different deceleration rates- independently adjustable from 0.1 to 999.9 seconds
Accel/Decel Pattern Two selectable acceleration/deceleration patterns: Linear and S-Curve
Braking Dynamic Braking Standard (Integratred) pto 5kw, Optional (Integrated) avove 15kw – upto 55kw. Optional (External) above 55kw. Note: Resistor has to be external in all cases)
  DC Braking DC braking can be configured as 0-100% of motor current through parameter setting/analog I/P having adjustable enabling frequency (0-500Hz) & time (0-60Sec) during start/stop.
Over Load capacity 150% for 60 seconds
Current stall prevantion operation level Current stall prevention can be programmed independently during ramp or at steady state by means of PI regulation of O/P frequency or by ramp frezing.
Voltage stall prevention opeation level Voltage stall prevention can be enables either by means of PI regulation of O/P frequency or by ramp freezing.
Switching frequency Up to 37kw (400V class ) -8Khz/16Khz, upto 160kw (400V class) – 4Khz/8Khz, 200kw (400V class) - 4Khz
Multi-function input terminals 3 Differential Analog I/Ps (+-10V or Current), 8 Digital I/P
Multi-function output terminals 2 Analog O/Ps (+/-10V), 4 Digital O/Ps (2 Static & 2 relays)
Operation functions

Motor prameter self tuning, Programmable & predefined V/f curves, 4 independent programmable ramps, 16 programmable multi speeds, Flying restart, Minds loss detection with with controlled stop, Programmable auto restsrt, PID Application block, Enegy Saving Function, Skip frequencies, Motor thermal protection, Virtual & remote I/O standard management

Operator interface

Numeric display (as standard) or LCD multi languages (optional) keypad, RS485 serial line (Modbus RTU protocol), interfacing with fieldbus protocol as: ProfiBus (Profidrive) -CANOpen – DeviceNet, Integrated CANOpen/DeviceNet version. A simple programming structure, guarantees a quick motor :start up” or more complex system regualtin either through the simpel to use keypad or using easy drives PC tool.

Communication The easy drives pc tool, allows the user to configure and control Agy inverter through the PC. Using a simple HTML structure menu, the configurator offers an intutive interface with the drive as well as fast and easy start-upprocedures, optimisation of the system and diagnostics. Featuea serial communication via Modbus (Jbus) protocol, multidrop configuration up to 32 inverters, reading & writing all the parameters & commands, configuration through HTML pages, configuration through parameters numeric index, complete reading of the system varibles, trend recorder function, management of the configuraltion files, on-line and of line configuration modes
Protective and warning function

The inverter is protected aginst over current, under voltage & over voltage

Ambient temperature 0Deg C to 40Deg C +50Deg C with derating
Ambient humidity 0-95% Relative humiduty
Storage temperature -20deg c to 65deg c
Altitude up to 1000m without current limitation

EMC in compliance with CEE-EN 61800-3
electromagnetic compatibility directive, using optional filters


ce, ul, cul, csa

Drive Configuration & Programming Encoder expansion card: EXP-Enc-Agy (Code: S525L), EEPROM Key (Code: S6F38)
Operator interface Remote keypad kit (Code S5WW5)
Power accessories External EMC I/P filters, External I/P , O/P, External braking resistors
Input/Outputs I/O Expansion Card: Exp-D6A1R1-Agy (Code: S524L), 120VAC digital I/P interface card: Exp-D8-120 (S520L)
Communication Drive version (“_C with CANopen /DeviceNet integrated, Profibus inteface card: Sbi-Pdp-Agy (Code: S5H28)


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