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Siemens Plc S7 400

SIMATIC S7 400 CPU is having superb communication capability and incorporated interfaces make process organizer ideal for larger tasks such as the organization of entire systems. The graded range of S7 400 CPUs enables scalable performance and the capacity for remote I/O periphery is virtually unrestrained. In s7 400 CPU process controller signal modules can be inserted and removed while the system is live (hot swapping), making it very easy to expand the system or replace modules


S7-400 The SIMATIC S7-400 is the power PLC for the mid to high-end performance ranges. The modular and fan-free design, high level of expandability, general statement and networking options, simple completion of distributed structures, and user-friendly handling make the SIMATIC S7-400 the ideal solution even for the most demanding tasks in the mid to high-end performance ranges.
Application areas of the SIMATIC S7-400 include
• Involuntary apparatus manufacture, including special mechanical equipment manufacture
• Process engineering, e.g. water and wastewater utilities
• Chemicals industry and petrochemicals
• Automotive industry, e.g. assembly lines
• Warehousing technology
• Steel industry
• Building management systems
• Paper and printing industry
• Woodworking
• Food and beverages industry
• Instrumentation and control

• Packaging machinery
• Pharmaceutical industry

Special functions

The S7-400 CPUs have some highly useful special functions
• Optional know-how protection by reading the serial number of the memory card, so that it is ensured that the program runs only with the particular memory card
• Simpler and faster upgrade due to firmware update via network from an engineering workstation
• Additional write-protection (for e.g. no component download from PC to CPU) via a system function

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